Sunday, November 8, 2009

All work sucks?

All work sucks. It is how much you are compensated for it in monetary terms that matters.

Work Sucks: That is the reason why we need Labor Day. One full day to relax away from work and count the hours until you’re forced to return to your joyless, monotonous job that sucks.

Another important day that you must stay away from work. It is your Birthday!

Who are the people likely to shout work sucks?

May be those people in the Left Quadrant are most likely to shout work sucks and it is not surprisely to include self-employed like taxi-drivers, hawkers, private tutors, dentists, etc. My ex-classmate who is self-employed dentist also say that his work sucks - working a 7-day week and long hours and he is hoping for an early retirement.

How often do you hear those people in the Right Quadrant shout work sucks? May be these people don't really use their own human labour intensively; but leverage on others and their capital to get works done so they don't really feel work sucks.
So follow Rich Dad Poor Dad's advice, try to spend less time and energy in the Left Quadrant and move more into the Right Quadrant, and then you don't need to look forward to the next Labour Day.

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