Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fraser and Neave (F&N)

I would like to express my appreciation to Dream for giving me a chance to guest blog here! It is my first time blogging, and hope that I can continue blogging my trades from today onwards.

Today, I am going to talk about my recent trade on F & N.

I enter into the trade on 6 Nov 2009 @ 3.76. It was a Class A bullish false-breakout as shown in the chart. I closed the trade on 12 Nov 2009 @ 3.84, at 10am as it was going to release its earning result after 5pm. On hindsight, I should have waited until 4.30pm to make the decision. After I closed my trade, I realised that there are more buying interest in the counter. And after 5pm, the result was released.

"Fraser and Neave full year profit grew 25 per cent due to strong contributions from Properties and Food & Beverage
• Attributable profit** rose 25 per cent to $466.5 million
• PBIT* expanded 6 per cent to $810.6million
• Top‐seller of residential property units in Singapore
• Resilient Food & Beverage continued to record double‐digit profit growth
• Commercial Properties grew from strength to strength"

Dividend of $0.105 was given as well. And well, as seen from the chart, from 13 Nov 2009 to 19 Nov 2009, the counter went from my selling price of 3.84 to 4.01.

What did i learn from this trade?
Based on the chart, there are no selling signal for me to close my trade. And on hindsight again, I should have waited for the sell signal to appear, or to sell near the upper envelope limit. Another lesson learnt :).


la papillion said...

Well done elaine, very well documented :)

I sure you'll find your own style to blog thereafter, so in the meantime, just say what's on your mind, and dun care about grammar and english and what nought.

Just to take note: actually false breakout means you buy only after support at 3.8 is broken down and then broken up again. So after the price went below price at peak A (3.8), reached down to 3.74 and went back up to 3.8 again - that'll be the signal to enter. By right, you should enter after the bar has closed (11th Nov).

I just like to preempt it, hence enter it earlier only :)

dream said...

so huat