Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Stock Market Is War - Part 4

"The Stock market is a financial redistribution system. It takes money away from those who have no patience and gives it to those who have." - Warren Buffet

"When you are emotional, you make unwise decisions rapidly." - Warren Buffet

"When it comes to my finances, I walk before I run and run before I soar" - Dr John F. D.

A young colleague asked me for advice on how to invest her $10k in stocks. I gave her this piece of advice: "Save $30K before you come back again." Upon hearing that, I could sense that she was really disappointed.

Some people and especially the younger ones think: Yeah, I want to invest in the stock market and make some quick money and build some wealth.

But it is more important to first save enough capital and set a side a tidy sum of money for some financial stability and security before you start investing in the stock market. Stock market is a highly dangerous place and it is not a level playing field. There is no way that you could become a professional immediately after you enter the stock market.

Now, look at who is in the Market?

Be patient, build up your capital base first and at the same time slowly read up on some investment books.

When you have your  capital base and some some good basic knowledge on investing, you could then polish up your investing skills through your investing experience over time.

Be patient or risk becoming a patient of the market

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