Monday, November 9, 2009

The toilet paper...

The falling US dollar is beginning to feel like a pain in the ass.

It is chipping away at my profits but I can't trade in many markets without US dollars.  Well, I'm ready to open a long-term long position on the AUD/USD pair, arguably the most trending pair at the moment.

The US dollar (aka toilet paper) - Helicopter Ben has reiterated that he will keep the interest rates low (0.25%) for "an extended period of time" as long as the employment number looks bad.  Well, the employment number is going to look bad for some time before it is going to taper off and start looking better.  Thanks, Ben, you have helped my perpetual bonds a great deal (which is important) but now I have to deal with a plunging US dollar.

Here is a nice picture of "Helicopter Ben"

AU dollar - The economic number is looking better and better and rates have been revised upwards and will probably be revised further again.

A complete DIY investor is no joke.  You really need to know how and when to use various financial instruments.

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