Saturday, January 2, 2010

dreamspeak -- 02 January 2010

*** Notice:  dreamspeak is a special feature in this blog where I get to speak whatever that comes to my mind.  Having your own opinion certainly beats having no opinion at all.  ***

Financial independence
Have you ever seen people writing about attaining financial independence if his passive income exceeds his expenditure?  Well, that is complete bullshit and utter nonsense.  First, there are simply a lot of things to pay as you achieve different milestones in your life.  At the same time, your expenses will also go up many folds also.

For e.g., when you decide to take the plunge and get married, there are so many things to pay for -- wedding dinner, your new home, the renovation and the new furniture.  When you have kids, your expenses go through the roof.  And that expense will continue to go up as they grow up.

I thought I am a dreamer until I come across quite a few idiots who sat on their asses and day-dream after reading some popular personal finance books.

Renting out your rooms
Renting out you rooms is certainly a good source of passive income if you need it to defray some of your expenses.  Like many of you, I cherish my privacy and time with my family.  Having someone else living under the same roof feels uneasy for me.  I will certainly not consider that unless it is the last resort.  

If I have to resort to doing that, I would not go on the internet write about it with such gusto and pride as if I have just discovered America.  I've included Christopher Columbus' picture so that you could picture his face beaming with pride when he discovered America.

Come on, use your common sense.  You have just sacrificed your family's privacy and convenience for a few extra dollar and you are damn proud of it? Things just don't add up for me.


Createwealth8888 said...

Wait until the kids go to Uni then the expenses go through the roof and beyond. Take care and be mentally and financially prepare.

Cheng said...

Clap clap clap! :D

Gohsip said...

Actually, what is wrong with being an employee? Some pple seem to think that working for others is a bad thing. Working helps you to kill time, meet new friends, colleagues. Working helps you to keep your mind active. Work problems and long hours should be treated as challenges. You get a sense of satisfaction if say you complete a project, meet a deadline, etc. You get rewarded with bonus and promotion. You can also choose to take the slack route and just work for the monthly income and not get promoted. It isn't such a bad idea too. Either way, I think being an employee is the basis of financial freedom. You could always be a business owner; Sell Laksa & make millions!