Friday, January 1, 2010

New year resolution

I would like to keep my new year resolution simple.

In life, simplicity is beauty and "doing less is sometimes more."  I realized along the way that by focusing my energy on fewer things, I tend to achieve more and get the most important things done.  With that said, in 2010, I just want take good care of my own health.  Without being healthy, I would not be able to take care of people around me.  I want to look better (less tired, more energetic) and feel better.  I am still recovering from a migraine as I type this post so having a healthy mind and body certainly top my list.

To accomplish that, I need to exercise more frequently for a start.  The good thing is that I've started doing it on a fairly consistent basis.  I just need to keep it up and do a more frequently.  I will continue to jog as long as my right knee holds up.

In terms of portfolio income, my goal continues to be $1X,000 a month with $XX,000 coming from trading activities and the rest coming from fixed-income securities and high dividend stocks.  Looking at past records, it continues to be a highly achievable and attainable goal moving forward.

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