Thursday, January 7, 2010

Patty's Bull

*** Notice:  patty's Bull is a special feature in this blog where I get to say my piece.  Listening to my bull is certainly better than listening to some bull-shit bloggers talk about financial freedom.  I'm patty the bull and I rule!!  ***

I was real jealous that Dream got DreamSpeak and so I requested for a place to say my piece and got this. Since I am generally more informative than the rest of my peers, you may find all of these bull-shit extremely useful in your financial journey.  So, watch for this space.  Forget about DreamSpeak.

-  patty


dream said...


Patty said...


someone casted a ventriloquist spell on me!

Anonymous said...

Am I the bull-shit blogger you talking about =)

I admit..I am..hahha

financialfreedom said...

Am I the bullshit blogger you are talking about?

I admit..I am..haha

Gohsip said...

I thought its a Cow?