Sunday, February 14, 2010

Patty's Bull

As the first blogger of this team blog to write a post in this new Lunar New Year, I wish my fellow team bloggers, the readers, followers and anyone who stumbled upon this blog -


Gong Hei Fatt Choi! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

And for the usual bull, here's me wishing that in the new year...

1. Obearma stop spewing bull. 7 months of bull run and 1 word from good ol' Barry about banks not able to do investments in future and the market goes into correction. Yeah Yeah... I know it was ripe for a correction but we already have 1 harbinger of bad news. So... Next time, just leave it to Benny ok? 

2.Heli-Benny continue spewing bull. Did you guys see the effect he had when he made his speech on Thursday? The market dropped like a ton of bricks before he took his first sip of water! Then it slowly recovers throughout the day when people realize he wasn't gonna say something damaging. It is so predictable that in the future, I will consider shorting the market on any day he's gonna open his mouth on TV.

3. I be the sole Toto lottery winner on Monday so that I can move on and start writing a blog about financial freedom. However short the new blog will be, at least, it will come from the point of a person who really attained FF right?  Anyway there will be another 10 mil draw 12 days later so you still have plenty of time to queue for that one. 

4. This IR thingy better work out right. I know at least 3 guys who are betting their underwear that it will bring up property prices in the area because people need multi-million luxurious leasehold bungalows, facing some of the most polluted seas in the region, to stay in after a long night of gambling. Besides, having people walk around without underwear is not very nice.

5. Just in case #3 does not pan out, I hope my application for a new job as Shrek at Universal Studios is approved. My wife's been complaining about my farting. Alot. Both the farts and her complaints. And my bull. That I thought the best job in this world is to play Shrek who bullshit and fart all day at visitors and still get paid. I hope they don't mind me brown-ing the green Shrek suit.

Disclaimer : "Bullshit (also bullcrapbullplopbullbutterhorseshit) is a common American English expletive which may be shortened to the euphemism bull or the initialism B.S. In British English, "bollocks" is a comparable expletive, although bullshit is now commonly used in British English as well.

As with many expletives, it can be used as an interjection or as many other parts of speech, and can carry a wide variety of meanings. Most commonly, it is used in connection with incorrect, misleading, or false language and statements." - Wikipedia

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dream said...

LOL....have a great year ahead, pat. I wish you the absolute best in career, health and wealth.