Sunday, March 28, 2010

Triple screen? Who gives a shit?! How about some cigars instead?

Life is too short to talk about the triple screen system.  How about some cigars with Dr. Elder instead?

Shortly after his conference upon the invitation of SGX, I met him the next day for a private spike trade meeting.

We were supposed to meet at the lobby of Swissotel at 6:25 p.m. but I was late because of work commitment.

I arrived at 6:40 p.m. and had to find my way up to room 5959.  Upon entering, Dr. Elder has already started the meeting with a group of fellow traders whom I have never met.  There were three of them, two gentlemen from Singapore and one who flew all the way from India just to attend his conference and probably his intensive two-day advanced trading course that was coming up in a few days' time.

The gentleman from India was showing his notebook to Dr. Elder and explaining how he has begun tracking the NH_NL index for the India market.  He is a very serious trader who came to the meeting armed to the teeth -- trading notebook, writing pad and of course his full attention.  I suspect he probably have a voice recorder in his pocket somewhere.  I came empty-handed, except for the camera to take some pictures.  The other two gentlemen were more passive, listening and nodding most of the time.

Honestly, I could care less about all these heavy-duty stuff.  I have already an excellent grip on the materials.  I came for some fellowship with the man whose work I spent much time in the past studying about.  It is like making your pilgrimage journey.  I want to meet him in person and spend his time interacting with him as a fellow trader.

In short, Dr. Elder is a very serious trader.  He went through pains to explain the importance of keeping a detail trading diary and even spent some time demonstrating the his AK-47 trading diary software.  He wasn't there to sell anything but to share the characteristics of a good trader.  "Show me a good trading diary and I'll show you a good trader.", he says.  It is just like what my manager says, "Sales is 50% about discipline."

He took in suggestion about setting up private forum for traders within spiketrade as the current site has limited interaction.  He was also gracious enough to share with us the new book that he is currently writing with Kerry.

We proceeded to dinner after an hour or of sharing and white wine.

During dinner, I asked him how he "jumped ship" many years ago when he was a medical doctor in Russia.  He mentioned that in his book and I always wonder how he did it.  He told me that he disliked the Russian system and did it when he was the ship doctor in South Africa.  He planned the move some time back and kept himself very fit by exercising on-board the ship.  When the chance came, he ran all the way into the American embassy to seek asylum.  

Here we have a man who entered university at the age of 16 and graduated with a medical degree at a tender age of 21.  He came to America practically with only his shirt on his back.  He knew nothing also about trading and down the road he became the infamous Dr. Elder that we all know today.

Before the night was over, he gave me one of his favorite cigars -- the Leon Jimenes No. 4 after smoking one with me by the pool side.  This man knows how to enjoy life.  We should do too.  After all, life is make up of different experiences so don't deprive yourself of the good things in life, especially when you can afford it.  It is utterly dumb to do so.

The interaction with Dr. Elder left me only with one thought:  if you have aptitude and characteristics of a successful person, you'll be successful no matter where you are and what you do.  A lot of dudes read few financial guru books and think that they are on their way to financial freedom.  That is really dumb.  You'll still be that same old mediocre dude.  Nothing will ever change.

--  dream


Gohsip said...

Dream Ge,

Truly inspiring. I'm not good at trading but i'm good at my job. Which is where my focus is now.


dream said...

Bro Gohsip,

Obviously you're good at your job. I also heard you're the top trader at cbox. :)